Freedom to work smarter

Working without boundries

Cemoc specialise in working with companies which have multiple offices or remote workers. Encouraging efficient working in this type of environment can be difficult; controlling document versions, enabling access to the right information at the right time, and sharing ideas.

Cemoc have a robust collaboration solution which can be customised to your company’s requirements. Our paperless office solution cuts down on paper by enabling your staff to follow workflows based upon your business processes, to access document libraries, to collaborate on documents, and to share information through workspaces, blogs and wikis.

"The key benefit for us all is to be able to access our information 24/7 without the need for costly in house IT support staff"
"This is a great way for companies on multiple sites, or with complex internal workflows to work in a more agile way by taking advantage of the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Consider it as the next level of the corporate intranet"

Online collaboration

Online collaboration allows people to interact with other people anywhere in the world, working together on documents, business processes or sharing ideas. The paperless office creates an environment that encourages this team working, and provides a framework to manage the process.

Workflows – electronic workflow systems ensure that the right processes are followed throughout the organisation, anywhere in the world. By analysing your business processes we can replicate your paper workflow electronically, removing duplication and inefficiencies. “Good workflows save a company money by speeding-up processes, and they help to ensure quality compliance” says Dick Doran, Cemoc director.

Forms – managing forms online reduces problems with version control, ensuring all staff are using the right documents. Digital signatures can be used to speed-up authorisation and to eliminate the need for printing and signing.

Document Libraries – providing information resources online, whether its inventory levels or historic quotes, enables staff to quickly access the information they need. This saves time and ensures that everyone has access to the latest information. This can change the way that you think about, store and reuse corporate information, creating significant improvements in efficiency and the service you provide.

Workspaces – teams can create their own online workspaces to share and revise documents, post comments and create online meetings and brainstorming sessions. Using tools like blogs for structured knowledge exchange, or wikis for more informal collaboration, staff can create their own content without needing any specialist skills.

Management information

When your business processes are managed electronically rather than on paper, it is easier to quickly identify and display the information you need. We can aggregate information from multiple sources into a visual dashboard, so you can easily identify trends. The interactivity lets you work with the data to make decisions about your business.

Microsoft environment

We use Microsoft SharePoint to create your online paperless office solution. This means that you have the familiarity of the Microsoft working environment so staff can get up-and-running faster, plus the confidence of complete integration with Microsoft Office suite.

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Whether you want an off-the-shelf solution or complete customisation, we harness over 25 years’ experience in helping companies use technology more efficiently. It’s always worth talking to us; we take a fresh approach to IT.