Creating business efficiencies

History of success

Cemoc has over 25 years of history in creating and modifying software to help companies become more efficient. Whether you are a large or small company, we take a flexible approach to looking at what you really need.

"We work in partnership with you, first analysing your business processes as a whole to identify the places where software improvements will help"

The power of information

Our consultants combine a broad understanding of business workflows with deep technical knowledge of databases and software. This allows us to quickly and cost effectively deliver bespoke software that does exactly what you need. From creating website plug-ins to writing a program that interfaces with third party systems; Cemoc has the expertise to take on your project from concept to completion. Martin Jackson of Cemoc says “Small changes can have a massive effect on productivity. Automating processes like data capture revolutionises reporting, giving managers the information they need.”

"We know that with Cemoc our data is in safe hands"

From small improvements…

Software development comes in all shapes and sizes, and many of our projects focus on improving reporting or automating parts of business processes. For example, handheld devices can be used to automate data capture for booking systems or stock control – we can create the software that links the handheld device to your main database.

"Having handheld devices that link to our main database has given us the information we need to develop our marketing strategy"

...To major projects

Some of our software projects require an in-depth partnership with the customer in order to understand the business process workflows. Our years of experience in working with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for major manufacturers affords us the confidence and knowledge to look at your business as a whole and to identify the process bottlenecks and their software solutions.

We have created a software interface to allow a contractor to share information with their customer. Even though both companies were using completely different programs, our interface enabled the systems to ‘talk’ to one another automatically. Now data only has to be entered once, saving the companies time and money.

With our focus on service delivery, we have created a program that enables a company to track in-house and subcontracted resources to provide a complete ‘supply and demand’ service. The software automatically tracks job progress, manages stock levels, checks timesheets and creates subcontractor invoices. Total tracking enables the customer to report on over 40 different performance measures, ensuring they can make best use of their resources.

"I view Cemoc’s support as a form of insurance"

Microsoft environment

Our focus is on Microsoft based products including Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server, we also have experience using many different databases and programming languages including MySQL, Oracle, Ingres, C and C++. Working in a Microsoft environment facilitates rapid application development, enabling us to write your software more quickly, and for the brief to be more flexible.

Talk to us

We can use our expertise in programming and business consultancy to provide strategic advice on how best you can utilise new technologies. It’s always worth talking to us; we take a fresh approach to IT.